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hourglass im

COLORS: Jade, Frost, Onyx, Sapphire

Slow down, and take your time with The Hourglass Dab Rig.

Resembling an Hourglass in its curved shape this Dab Rig from DankStop is a sleek miniature concentrate water pipe sure to comfortably slow the pace in our race against time.vape pen

Crafted from quality borosilicate glass in California the female joint, mouthpiece, and showerhead perc all feature matching colored accents giving a creative touch to a structurally lovely piece.hourglass im

The 14mm female joint holds a 4mm thick flat top quartz banger nail and after some chemistry the smoke created here will travel through the water chamber like sands of time, and through the mouthpiece delivering clean flavorful clouds of smoke. Not only does the Hourglass Rig come in your choice of color but its also stands 7 inches in height taking up very little space a perfect fit for almost any smokers lifestyle.hourglass im

hourglass im

At Grasscity, we offer a wide range of different smoking devices including dab rigs also known as oil rigs or wax rigs. Dab rigs are smoking devices that are specially designed to vaporize concentrates and waxes.

They are typically constructed from borosilicate glass and are a little smaller than the average bong or water pipe and a little bigger than an average size bubbler. Checkout our impressive collection of the best dab rigs including straight tube models, beaker base models, recycler designs, and rigs with percs and fixed downstems. Rest assured that you are in the right place to buy affordablehigh-quality dab rigs for the best available prices in all shapes, sizes, and styles.vape pen

What is a Dab Rig?

When you’re smoking your concentrate, you need the right piece of equipment to provide a high-controlled heat source, so your material will vaporize correctly.hourglass im

This is why an oil rig is a perfect tool for the job. Rigs are similar to bongs and water pipes, but instead of using a herb bowl, they use a removable nail or banger to heat and vaporize the concentrated cannabis extract. These nails or bangers are usually made of ceramic, titanium, or quartz and provide a platform to place your extract on or in after you have heated them to the optimal temperature.hourglass im

Most dab or wax rigs offer water filtration for added diffusion for a cleaner more enjoyable hit. Some feature several layers or chambers or are equipped with percolators, or recycler tubes for a smoother, more filtered dabbing experience. We also stock extra large and mini dab rigs, cheap dab rigs, electric dab rigs or e-rigs, and electric e-nails that provide more consistent and steady high temperatures for a longer sesh.hourglass im

What is Dabbing?

Dabbing is a smoking method where you vape waxy concentrates or from a heated device. Dabbing uses high temperatures and involves placing your wax (or dab) on a heated surface, often a nail or banger to vaporize your material.

When your wax or concentrates come in contact with the heated surface, it will turn into vapor. The vapor gets pulled in the dab rig, where it gets diffused and filtered by the water and percolators before it exits through the mouthpiece. This process results in an amazingly smooth, clean, and potent hit. When you’re dabbing, you get to enjoy the intense taste that your waxy concentrates or waxy oils have to offer. hourglass im

Types of Dab Rigs

There are many types of dab rigs, that have different benefits and come with a range of unique features. When you’re choosing a rig, you should think about the material, the percolator type, and whether you want to use a dab torch or prefer an electric dab rig.hourglass im

We stock cheap dab rigs and more high-end models with different shapes and joint sizes. We also offer a range of quality dabbing accessories, from Pulsar Fab Egg ash catchers to dabber sets for low temp dabbing.

Below we’ve put together some useful information about the different types of rigs so you can buy the right rig for a fantastic smoking experience.vhourglass im


  • Glass dab rigs are the most popular type of rigs and are usually constructed from heat-resistant borosilicate glass. We offer a range of different large and mini glass dab rigs including rigs with ice pinches for an extra frosty touch. We also stock rigs that feature one or more percolators for added filtration. Our selection of glass rigs or dab rigs comes in many shapes, so there is bound to be one to suit your personal preferences. With a dab rig, you can never go wrong. If you’re looking for a smoking device that provides super-smooth dabs, you should give a glass dab rig a try. If you clean and maintain your glass dab rig with care, it will last for years.
  • Silicone Dab rigs If you’re looking for a more affordable and durable dab rig, then a silicone dab rig may be just the thing for you! Just like glass dab rigs, silicone dab rigs are designed to generate big vapor hits. They may not look as fancy as high-end glass dab rigs, but they do perform well, are virtually indestructible, and are available in many colorful designs. For instance, check out the Silicone Hand Grenade Nectar Collector! Silicone dab rigs are an excellent alternative if you want to enjoy your dab but don’t want to spend too much money on it.
  • Electric dab rigs are a great option for enthusiasts who like to dab without using a butane torch as a heat source. An electric dab rig works slightly differently from a regular dab rig. Electric dab rigs use an electric coil that automatically heats up to the ideal vaping temperature. The coils can be set to a range of different temperatures, allowing you to fully customize your dab session. If you’re on the lookout for the ultimate dab experience, then an electric dab rig or an e-nail will tick all your boxes.dab pen
  • Perc dab rigs are very popular due to the filtration, cooling, and cleaning of the vapor they offer. We stock a selection of rigs that feature different percolators including Swiss percsShowerhead percshoneycomb percs, and inline percs for a smoother session. We also have an impressive selection of recycler dab rigs for you to choose from in our online headshop.

Looking for another device to smoke your concentrates with? We’ve got a big collection of dab & wax pens and hybrid herb and wax glass bongs that can help you with your choice.


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